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- - 12-06-2000 03:30 PM

I am looking to buy a good red wine that would go with lamb chops or beef bourginoun- Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks-


- barnesy - 12-06-2000 05:33 PM

You probably should have posted this under the food section for better responses, but here is an answer for you.

I had lamb chops with 1998/9 (can't remmeber the vintage Rosemont Shiraz, diamond label. Great combo. You may also want to look into a cotes du rhone. the 1998 Chateau Mont-Redon Cotes Du Rhone is very nice.

- mrdutton - 12-06-2000 08:32 PM

For the beef the answer is a good FRENCH Burgundy. If you want a fine, complex red wine, and can find one at a reasonable price try a Cote d'Or. If you want something almost as good, then try a Hautes Cotes or Cote Chalonnaise.

If you don't want to go French, the get yourself a really, really good California Pinot Noir.

That is my humble opinion..............