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- mrdutton - 04-02-2001 06:48 PM

I found a jem. Teflon coated screw. Should the need arise, an indentation for ripping off those crimped tops from bottles of beer.

A hinged lever that gives you two chances for decent leverage when it comes time to actually pull the cork out of the bottle.

Cheap - around $15.00. Compare that to a Screwpull (the fancy one) at $169.00 or more.

Nicely curved, fits the hand well. Reminds me of the really fine ones with the "bee".

Pulltap is the name. Anyone heard of these? I'm about ready to throw my Screwpull into the closet and hide it.......

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- barnesy - 04-02-2001 07:02 PM

Why hide when you can exile it to Idaho?

My drawer has a nice home for your unloved screwpull. I use my pocket screwpull so much i think i'm going to wear it out.


- Drew - 04-02-2001 09:26 PM

Did somebody say "Screwpull"?


- winoweenie - 04-02-2001 09:45 PM

You Called ? ww

- Tilak - 04-28-2001 08:15 AM

I agree! I've enjoyed this type of screw for some time now. From a server's perspective it allows for a more discreet extraction of any cork (esp. those over 10y.o.) - no stray elbows to block the view...