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- cd4814 - 07-14-2000 06:37 AM

I was introduced to the wonderous world of wines in two stages: at 20, by a girlfriends father, thank you Mr. Maguire Va.Beach, Va., and again, more convincingly, by a couple who became dear friends - now living elsewhere and lost because of personal differences.
The importance above is that the Wife was a purebred Spainard. Her father was a well-to-do Spainish buisness man. Sofia and Paul introduced me to the Perrone(sp?). It was a glass vessel that was used much like a wine skin. We would set around the table - 6-7 of us- and enjoy conversation and company whilst getting tanked. [img][/img]
Does anyone know the history of this vessel?
And above all how to get one? Sofia came back from her dad's with two sizes.

Help would be greatly appreciated,

- tomstevenson - 07-24-2000 11:35 AM

A similar question by CD4814 has been answered under the Novices folder.