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- Drew - 12-28-2000 09:14 PM

At least I don't have a lot of clutter under the Christmas tree....screwpulls don't take up much space.


- winoweenie - 12-28-2000 09:31 PM

Rad, enlighten the Drew-bug. An envelope with a stock certificate in it don` take no room neither. WW

- chittychattykathy - 12-29-2000 02:47 AM

Hotwine, didn't you just get that gas powered thing in the last few months? & It actually blew apart? Wild!

- Innkeeper - 12-29-2000 07:47 AM

Use my waiter's friend to impress guests. The rest of the time, the Screwpull. Am pretty good with the WF, but can't open a 1.5 in midair like that guy at the Sardine Factory.

- hotwine - 12-29-2000 09:23 AM

Yup, CCK, I did indeed just get that gas-powered thing. But made the mistake of using it on a well-camouflaged synthetic cork. As the cork cleared the top of the bottle, the bottom of the plastic retriever containing the foil-cutter blades shattered with a loud "pop" as the gas pressure was released. I glued it all back together with Superglue, only to have the same thing happen the next time I used it. I'll put it aside for use only on bottles from France - haven't found any of those using synthetic corks yet.

- Bucko - 12-29-2000 09:24 AM

5 Screwpulls (blue, green, red, 2 blacks), a leverpull, an Ah So, and 3 waiter's friends -- I think that I can get the job done! Come on over......


- hotwine - 12-29-2000 03:23 PM

Thanks, 'Popper. You are indeed heavily armed!


- Bucko - 12-29-2000 05:17 PM


I told you to take it easy on the Frijoles, Tacos, and Salsa!


- Drew - 12-29-2000 05:27 PM

Ok, Ok, just put the Oxo through the ultimate test...uncorking a synthetic cork!
Like Linda says..."It was like buttah" Very smooth extraction with little effort. A great little tool. I have to say, though, that it scares me to be so excited about a cork screw. Is this old age setting in...will I next get excited about sitting at a restaurant table with an exessive amout of pink and blue packets within arms reach and the waitress is not looking?


- winoweenie - 12-29-2000 07:58 PM

Drew, You`ll know the ultimate thrill when your eyes squint and your throat muscles constrict as you slip them boogers in your pocket. winoweenie

- hotwine - 12-29-2000 08:17 PM

BuckBoom, I see you have fond memories of passing through this fair berg of Helotes. The gas rising from this place would turn anybody green. But the food tastes SO GOOD!

- hotwine - 12-29-2000 08:24 PM

WW, I never would have guessed that pilfering freebies at a restaurant would swell your neck up like a bull among the heifers. Eyes cross, tongue lolls out, a bellow rises up from deep in your gut..... Nope, I'm not quite old enough for pink & blue packets to do that to me. <whew>