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- Drew - 12-26-2000 08:59 PM

I had one of those Christmas's where I received 3 corkscrews from 2 people...lucky me! This oversized Oxo corkscrew is GREAT! Large padded grip. Big sharp screw that easly penetrates the cork and keep on turning....the cork extracts easily and with a reverse turn or two, spits the cork out beautifully. The easiest cork screw I've ever used!


- chittychattykathy - 12-27-2000 03:10 AM

Ah, I love OXO stuff! Their Salad Spinner is a must have! I received from a friend, one of those big monstrous looking things, in chrome yet, that you attach to your bar and it looks like it could drill a hole into a 10 carat diamond. One yank & pull, its all over. Then, scarier still, it will re-cork your bottle with one more swift set of movements. Hey, Its almost therapeutic.

- winoweenie - 12-27-2000 07:25 AM

OK IK. You`re closer to Drew and I`ll Turn CCK over to Bucko. We`ve got to get them into therapy ASAP. Must be the season or sumpin`. Waxing poetic over a bloomin` corkscrew! WW

- Innkeeper - 12-27-2000 08:09 AM

Just keep wearing out my Screwpull.

- Bucko - 12-27-2000 10:36 AM

CCK is meaner than me -- I'm afraid of her..... [img][/img]


- Drew - 12-27-2000 03:02 PM

Be nice. I got 4 presents this year and 3 were corkscrews...and I'm not joking! (about the corkscrews anyway)


- hotwine - 12-27-2000 04:52 PM

Hmmm. I'm on the lookout for another 'screw. My little gas-powered one blew apart in my hand Christmas Day, sending the foil-cutter blades flying. I don't know whether to look for an Ah-So or Oxo or Screw-Pull or what. Keep those comments coming....

- winoweenie - 12-27-2000 07:23 PM

stare at the spinning watch and repeat after me....screw..puulll.......screw.......pppuuulllllllll!!!!!!!!! WWWWWWWWWWWWW

- hotwine - 12-27-2000 07:49 PM

Duhhhh.... I'm watchin'..... But which version of that hummer? The original? The pocket style with removable crank? Or does it matter? Still watchin'.....

- mrdutton - 12-27-2000 09:02 PM

I just love my screwpull......... It has sucessfully removed several hundred of corks and I have not yet replaced the screw with the extra one that comes in the set!!

- Drew - 12-28-2000 02:22 AM

WW's watch only tells time when the sun's out...if you want to view it, tune into the Flintstones sometime...Fred's wearing one. [img][/img]


- RAD - 12-28-2000 07:05 AM

Second the vote on the screwpull. I have the original, I think, the one with the black handle. Comes with an extra screw-worm, and a foil cutter.


- hotwine - 12-28-2000 08:38 AM

We have an old corkscrew at the ranch that works in much the same way as a Screwpull. It appears to be forged, with a wooden handle and a collar that slips onto the top of the bottle to provide leverage in retrieving the cork. But like virtually everything down there, I'm reluctant to remove it; we regard the place as something of a family museum, and try to preserve it, rather than pilfering its artifacts. So that old 'screw, that works better than any other in the family, remains in its place.
OK, you've convinced me, I'll look for a Screwpull. Thanks. The old winged monsters that I've used for over 20 years are about to retire.

- winoweenie - 12-28-2000 08:51 AM

Hotsie, I`ve used every Screwpull made. I have at present, the lever model that`s in the wine-cellar room and does most of the pulling, the original stand-up version that stays in the kitchen and the lil` fold-up that stays in my brief-case. Never leave home wif`-out it. WW

- hotwine - 12-28-2000 12:14 PM

Thanks, WW, I'm convinced.

- Innkeeper - 12-28-2000 01:08 PM

Mine is the plain red plastic one with the pullout screw, no extras included. Have had it since it first came out 20-25 years. Even works great on the newfangled bottles with flared tops and plastic corks.

- ddf68 - 12-28-2000 04:06 PM

What's a screwpull?


- Innkeeper - 12-28-2000 04:39 PM

- chittychattykathy - 12-28-2000 07:01 PM

Now... don't be makin' fun of ole Drew and I just because we fessed up to our wine gadget addiction at the get go!!! We all know a simple waiters friend is really all we need, yet.... "screw pull" gets 13 posts. [img][/img]
And Drew, I do feel your pain, 3 out of 4, that's corkscrewed.

- mrdutton - 12-28-2000 07:18 PM

CCK, you are correct. However, I can buy five screwpulls for one of those fancy waiter's friends with the little bee on it............ (GRIN)

The waiter's friend is a good corkscrew, even the less espensive ones. However, the effort required to operate a screwpull is significantly less that that required for the friend.

Being a lazy American.......... I can assure you that might explain why I like my screwpull.