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- kali - 01-19-1999 05:32 PM

My boyfriend got this for my birthday, and everytime I've used it I have had to brandish weapons to get out with it. It is a handy and elegant addition to any wine lovers accesories. It fits everything from a traditional Chianti bottle to those oddly shaped bottles that seem to be so popular with the trendy set.

- tomstevenson - 01-20-1999 07:45 AM

Excuse me, but what are you talking about? A Louis V Wine Tote? Around here (UK) the Tote is a betting shop! We also use the word as in to tote things around, but it is usually ideas or suggestions, although the word derives from 18th century American (toting guns), so I deduce you must be describing some sort of bottle carrier. But in the style of Louis V? He was born in 967 and ruled France for less than a year. Perhaps you mean Louis XIV or the Sun King? Now there was a fashion conscious monarch for you, but if he wanted to carry bottles of wine around, he would not have used a basket, bag or any receptacle. He would have used a person, the King's Own Wine Carrier or something. And he would probably have had a different one for each style of wine. Oh! Deary, deary me ... I've just realised! You mean Louis Vuiton, those clever people who sell plastic at twice the price of leather. Now I understand where you're coming from with those fat straw-covered Chianti bottles (appropriately named FIASCO), although I think the best receptacle those is the dustbin.

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- kali - 01-20-1999 04:42 PM