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- TheEngineer - 08-20-2010 12:08 AM

Sometimes I'm too lazy to pull out a decanter when it's only me drinking and I'm also not waiting for the wine to open up by itself. This is not something I advertise at home as i just bought 10 decanters of the same time just for the purposes of decanting wines and double blind tastes tests (William Sonoma outlet store is now my favorite wine paraphernalia store....Riedel merlot and syrah decanters for $10 and $15 each......).

I wanted to buy a vinturi for some time just cuz it looks nice but it was always just too much money. I bought one of these last time I was in Napa and visiting the tasting rooms. Most of the rooms that I visited noted difficulties working with Vintruri the company with and as such some are now pushing this much cheaper unit. I bought one after trying it out and it works pretty well on brand new cabs. I've only used it a few times after I got back and it works as advertised. Not as nice looking nor as sexy as the Vinturi version but 1/3 the price too. Only thing is that is is a little difficult to pull off so I always use a large napkin to cover the spout and bottle opening to ensure not spills. So far so good but only using it few too few times to justify buying it originally. Glad I did not pay 3 x more for something that might have had the same fate.