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- Diane Mary - 05-03-2005 02:20 PM


Can anybody tell me, was wine brewed before mead, of course I am not old enough to know?
and when it was first recorded.


- jmcginley1 - 05-19-2005 11:16 PM

wine dates back to the egyptians. So it is at least 4500 years old.

- andypandy - 12-22-2005 11:25 PM

My 1st alcoholic drink was Budweiser from a can...

- winoweenie - 12-23-2005 09:09 AM

FOODIE???? ww

- robr - 12-23-2005 09:29 AM

I think mine was Busch, also from a can, about 35 years ago. That certainly predates the Egyptians.

- Drew - 12-23-2005 06:42 PM

Vat 69 scotch stolen from my dads liquor cabinet...was never so sick. [img][/img]


- Thomas - 12-28-2005 03:44 PM

Diane Mary,

Sorry, I just saw this thread. If you are still with us,

So far proof of wine dates 8,000 years ago.

Beer is considered to be older than wine, yet there is speculation that because grapes contained natural yeast on the skins, they were thrown into every fermentation, whether it was for beer or for wine.

Alcohol was probably consumed by humans before 8,000 years ago, but right now that is as far back as the proof goes.

Look for the book, Ancient Wine—the Search for the Origins of Viniculture by McGovern, Patrick E.

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