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- eddietaylor - 07-27-2000 06:28 PM

What is the best reference to use for reading about making wine? Any book that stands our among the rest?



- tomstevenson - 07-28-2000 06:42 AM

If you're looking for a recipe-type home-brew book, I cannot help, but if you want a manual that maps out and explains every stage in the winemaking process for each style of wine, the best book on the subject I've come across is MAKING GOOD WINE by Bryce Rankine, published by Sun, Australia (ISBN 0-7251-0563-1). Although the sub-title is A Manual of Winemaking Practice for Australia and New Zealand, its contents are applicable everywhere (with the exception of one of the Appendices called Legal Requirement). It's technical, but not overly so.