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- robyng - 12-10-1999 06:13 PM

I had the joy of tasting this wine while in Europe. It is a full, thick, warm, spicy red wine, and nothing like I've ever tasted.

I'm back in the US now, and am desperately trying to find where I can buy it here, and/or over the Internet.

HELP [img][/img]?

[img][/img] robyn

- Bucko - 12-10-1999 07:01 PM

One source is:

The 1998 Poeme Vranac is made from 100% pure Vranac grapes. Vranac has been grown in Southern Macedonia since ancient Roman times. The exact origin of the plant is unknown. It is probably related to native Italian grapes growing across the Adriatic sea. The ripe grape clusters are fairly large (average size 7.8 x 4 in.) weighing about 7-10 oz. The grapes are mid sized, black or black/blue in color, with very thin skin. The abundance of sun and dry weather in Southern Macedonia give rise to perfect microclimate because Vranac grapes are very sensitive to low temperatures and mold, especially just before the harvest. The average sugar content of
the grape juice is about 23 degrees Brix.


- robyng - 12-10-1999 07:10 PM

Thank you [img][/img] ! It looks like they only sell in Massachusetts, but I sent them an email.

[img][/img] robyn