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- wondersofwine - 01-25-2010 06:08 PM

I know Albarino can go under Spanish wines and Arneis under Italian but I wanted to do a combined note.
Nana's Restaurant in Durham now offers 3 or 5 oz. pours from a Cruvinet. I ordered the 3-oz. pour of two white wines to go with my appetizer of acorn squash soup with white truffle oil and entree of mahi mahi with diced vegetables (squash, cauliflower, potato? and green beans or haricot vert) in a lemon thyme brown butter sauce.
I also ordered a side of buttermilk spaetzle (tiny egg noodles from German cuisine.) Wikipedia says the name means "little sparrow."
Vintages weren't listed on the wine list but probably recent such as 2007 or 2008.

Do Ferreira Rebisco Albarino $6.00 for a 3-oz. pour. Grapefruit and white grape notes. A little bite on the finish. Crisp and acidic. Paler than the Arneis. Initially I liked the Arneis better, but my preference soon changed to the Albarino. The waitperson said Albarino is one of her favorites for versatility with many of the restaurant dishes.

Cordero di Montegemola Arneis $7.00 for a 3-oz. pour. Perhaps a better pairing with the Mahi Mahi than the Albarino. Pleasant but a little nondescript like some Pinot Blanc.

Warre's Colheita, 1997 with the creme brulee dessert. Another wonderful dinner at Nana's. The table next to mine were raving about their shrimp ceviche, salads, and other dishes and one woman had the creme brulee while the other couple shared a chocolate bread pudding with ice cream.