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- puttuck - 10-08-1999 10:29 AM

I purchased a wine in New Orleans and don't have a clue what it is or where to find a rating for it. On the label (which is red)it says LaVite Luc.ente 1996. Can anyone help?

- Botafogo - 10-10-1999 12:20 AM

Dude, open it, taste it, tell yourself if you liked it. WHAT possible diffference could it make what the "rating" is if you've already bought it?

- Zinner - 10-23-1999 01:54 AM

Not sure if this is your wine, but here goes. The Frescobaldi family of Tuscany and the Robert Mondavi family of California have a venture and produce a wine called Lucente. There is a '96 vintage and if this is the wine you bought, it was rated very good to excellent in the Gambero Rosso guide to Italian wines. It's a sangiovese and merlot blend. Hope this helps.