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- dananne - 02-25-2008

We've been sitting on this Napa PS for a long time, perhaps longer than any other wine remaining in our cellar, and since it finally passed the 10-yr mark, we decided to open it. I'm so used to full throttle, young PS, that it's a real treat to enjoy one with more appropriate age. Light garnet in color, with some transparency. Little bricking. Soft, flavorful waves of cranberry and raspberry, with some leathery aromas and (dare I say it?) flavors on the finish. A little vanilla lingers late. A pleasant, if unspectacular drink. Nice continuing education on aged PS, however. 13.9% alc. Anne paid in the upper $30s for it, but we've long since forgotten the exact price.

- TheEngineer - 02-26-2008

Thanks for the notes! Will use this as a guideline.

I've also wanted to age a PS to taste at the 10 year mark, but I still got about 4 years to go.....