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- Bucko - 12-13-2000 08:27 PM

I have tried a lot of OR Pinot Gris, in all price classes. This is the best of the lot, regardless of price. Extremely limited -- I already put in my order for a case.

1999 Winter’s Hill, Pinot Gris, Willamette Valley, $12, 285 cases. Made it a light, crisp, lean style, the wine has lovely peach fruit, floral notes and impeccable balance. Excellent value.


- Botafogo - 12-13-2000 11:32 PM

Bucko, since that tasting note also preciesly describes the Bodega Lurton Pinot Gris from Argentina which sells at full pop retail for $5.99 (but we sell it for $4.99), what makes the Oregon one such a good value? Just wondering.........

- Bucko - 12-14-2000 12:01 AM

Everything is relative......


- Innkeeper - 12-14-2000 08:04 AM

Since we have a couple of the Lurton's here as a result of our stop in Santa Monica (great wine region), we would be happy to run a side by side with the Winter's Hill if you want to send one.

- Botafogo - 12-14-2000 12:19 PM

Bucko, I gather from your other posts that you are a generally conservative guy, so you don't really buy these American winemakers crying about how "Well, you can't compare our prices with those imported wines, out costs are higher!" do you? I may be a pinko-anarchist-pagan but I am a BIG free marketeer..........

PS, you were a military guy yes? I'm a vet too (but only put in four years, in Germany during the Cold War) but even when I has a wet behind the ears Spec 4 I would have died laughing if our current Presumptive Elect had been presented to me as Company Commander let alone Commander in Chief and I just KNOW that any lifer Non Coms or Officers would have been bitching into their beers forever if they had to answer to him. Honestly, isn't that true?

- Bucko - 12-14-2000 12:48 PM

No worse than Gore, who touts his Vietnam service, yet he was a REMF -- no mud on his boots.

As stated before, I'm a McCain fan, a real military man and Senator.


- Drew - 12-14-2000 06:17 PM

I agree with you, Bucko, McCain is a class act who's tough as nails. He truly has grit.


- ddf68 - 12-14-2000 06:39 PM

I disagree with McCain on just about every issue except campaign finance. Between that one issue and his sterling character, however, I probably would have voted for him if he'd got the nomination.


- Botafogo - 12-14-2000 08:14 PM

I kept looking for a "draft Mc Cain" movement as a third way out of last month's crisis but no one even mentioned it. I also supported him even though we disagreed on almost everything due to his character. I particularly liked his answer on womanizing as a youth "When I was younger I was a good looking Marine Corps fighter pilot (who was the son of an admiral) and it was a target rich environment"!!!!!

Straight talk indeed, (and thanks to you Bucko for not interpreting my question in the wrong light), Roberto

- Bucko - 12-15-2000 12:50 AM

And NONE of us ever took advantage of the fairer sex, I'm sure. That scallywag!!


- Innkeeper - 12-15-2000 07:34 AM

Thought we were going to limit political speech to the Rants and Raves thread.