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- barnesy - 08-23-2000 11:52 AM is a great website for Oregon/Northwest wines. They deliver to most Western and Midwestern states. Sorry WW, they deliver to new mexico but not arizona. Check out those Oregon Marechal Foch wines. Definitely visit the La Garza page and order some of their wines. They are all great.


- Bucko - 08-23-2000 12:19 PM

Your listed address is no good, FWIW. Tried it with IE & Netscape.


- winoweenie - 08-23-2000 06:58 PM

FWIW, NO-ONE delivers to Az. I have a 89 Town-Car, fondly know in Napa&Sonoma as the "Winemobile" I`m able to get 19 cases, 6 magnum boxes and still keep my clothes available. Love to see reciprocal!!winoweenie

- chittychattykathy - 08-23-2000 06:58 PM
No "s" [img][/img]

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- winecollector - 08-24-2000 06:08 AM

Hey Winoweenie! Over in my neck of the woods, we used to call those vehicles Ridge-runners!