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- Innkeeper - 12-31-2008 09:43 PM

N/V Candia (NH) Vineyards, Presidential Red (Gift). Alcohol level: 13%. This is one of three different bottles our daughter gave us from a winery near where she lives. One is a Chardonnay. The two reds have proprietary names and no grape information on the bottle or website. They do grow small patches of a wide variety of grapes including Vinifera, Native, and Hybrids. Methinks they may import some too as there is no appellation listed.

This one is reminiscent of a Cru Beaujolais. We guessed correctly that is was lighter than the other as that one was recommended with red meat. It gave you red berries on the nose and upfront, a little more in middle, and a short finish.

We matched it with slow pot cooked chicken thighs in a tomato/soy sauce over egg noodles. A nice start to New Years Eve!