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- dananne - 03-26-2006 09:15 PM

Mary Michelle is an Illinois winery. Anne and I typically explore local wines as we travel around, but this is the first wine we've ever had from Illinois. Actually, this one was a real surprise. Deep purple color with great grapey/cherry fruit with some mineral, meat, and smoke elements. Lip smacking finish. All-in-all, really enjoyable. Anne had no idea what we were drinking and said "This is pretty good" before even realizing that we were drinking. Surprisingly, it weighs in at 13.5% alc., which is higher than I would have guessed. Well done. Ran $11 up in Chicago at Binny's.

- Innkeeper - 03-26-2006 09:38 PM

AKA Norton, frequently makes a nice wine in wineries east of the Rockies.

- dananne - 03-27-2006 05:25 PM

Yeah, we've had some nice ones from N. GA (the best probably from Tiger Mountain) and from VA. I'd like to try a few from MO. I wasn't expecting much from it, as the IL wine industry is well behind those of, say MO and VA, but it was well made.

- Innkeeper - 03-27-2006 05:48 PM

Agree with those from MO and VA. Have enjoyed them from Mt Pleasant in MO and Horton in VA.