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- hotwine - 08-31-2000 03:30 PM

Somewhere over the last few months, I recall Mrdutton commenting favorably on this Cru Beaujolais, but naturally, I can't find his posting now. Anyway, it turned up in a mixed case of Duboeuf wines received yesterday from my retailer, with Reignie, Fleurie and Morgon. So had a couple of glasses with supper - a simple mixture of beef sausage, potatos and onions, sauteed in olive oil. The Julienas was very round and soft on the palate, fruity without being obnoxious about it. This should work very well with grilled burgers, which is what I recall Mrdutton having with it.
Sure wish we could join the rest of civilization and obtain these wines upon release. This year, our sterling distributor dawdled for six months before making them available locally. But there's good news - he's now heavily discounting all four of these wines for retailing at $6.99 per bottle.

- mrdutton - 08-31-2000 03:35 PM

At that price it is almost worth my flying out to Texas to get some!

My distributor doesn't carry any of the Crus Beaujolais (except occasionally the Jean Descombes Morgon). So I have to "cheat" and order them from out of the area.

BTW, your recollection of the thread is pretty darn good!

- hotwine - 08-31-2000 07:37 PM

Thanks, but my memory is all too selective: I remember months-old comments about wines, but have great difficulty remembering anything my lovely wife said yesterday - or this morning. There's something about priorities that's implicit in that condition...