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- PortAh - 01-06-2002 02:53 AM

Any comments?
A Kermit Lynch sales highly recommends this one.

- Innkeeper - 01-06-2002 07:40 AM

Not familiar with this particular bottling, but the '00 Morgons are wonderful.

- barnesy - 01-06-2002 02:16 PM

If its a Lynch import from it. He imports the best beaujolais. If you can, also look for the Domaine Diochon Moulin A Vent Vieilles Vignes (Also a lynch import). Wonderful bottling.


- PortAh - 01-06-2002 07:15 PM

Yes, it is a Lynch import. $21.95.
Picked up one yesterday. Will post
how it turns out.

- mrdutton - 01-18-2002 05:41 PM

That's pretty pricey for a Beaujolais...... hope it turned out to be a good one!!!

- barnesy - 01-18-2002 08:33 PM

Lynch imports the best and he ships all of his stuff from winerey to his shop in climate controlled containers so that he can insure the wine he sells at his shop will be the same as when he tastes it at the winery.