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- hotwine - 03-03-2000 12:58 PM

I've not been able to find the '98's from Georges DuBoeuf in the local area so far this year. There's plenty of Villages and Nouveau to be had, but none of the Chiroubles, Moulin-A-Vent, etc. Yet notes in my cellar book indicate the '97's were available by this time last year. Am I early in my quest, or do we have yet another distributor problem to contend with in South Texas?

- Innkeeper - 03-03-2000 04:43 PM

We are big Cru Beaujolais fans too, and have not seen the '98s expect for Villages up here in Maine yet. Pops at has a couple up already, a Morgon and a Moulin-A-Vent.

- hotwine - 03-03-2000 05:37 PM

Great, thanks. There is hope.
One of the retailers I visit responded, when I asked about the cru, "Naw, we ain't seen 'em yet. You'll probably just have to wait 'til next year." As if to say, "Tough luck, slick! The distributor has the monopoly here!" Grrrr.

- Randy Caparoso - 03-21-2000 01:01 AM

No, no, no. The '98 grand crus will be out by this summer -- not to worry.

- Dogwalker - 04-03-2000 07:06 PM

I'm about as new as you can get at the wine game. I am trying different types of wine from different areas of the world.
I just opened a bottle of Georges Duboeuf "FLEURIE" 1998. Is this the type of wine your all talking about?

- hotwine - 04-03-2000 07:27 PM

Yes, indeed. Fleurie is one of the 10 Cru Beaujolais. You will find it to smell and taste of wildflowers, whence its name. It's a fun wine, one to be enjoyed with or without a meal. It goes quite well with grilled hamburgers; and also with small grilled rib chops, beef stew, and beef or chicken fajitas. It's an excellent wine to serve the cook, while he labors over the hot BBQ pit. Enjoy!

- Innkeeper - 04-03-2000 08:53 PM

We opened our first 1998 Georges Duboeuf Moulin-A-Vent last night with a grill-panned boneless sirloin last night, and it was to die for.

- hotwine - 04-04-2000 03:01 AM

Ow. We still don't have 'em in this area yet, but you've confirmed what I've been reading about 'em. With sirloin. Mmmmm.

- Dogwalker - 04-04-2000 04:51 AM

One of the things that I never seem to be able to figure out is what is the proper temps. that these wines should be served at?
I know that the Beaujolais I had last night was too cold. What would be the proper temp for this wine?
Also what does temp. extremes do to the taste, ie; too cold, too warm?
Thanks, Chuck

- Innkeeper - 04-04-2000 05:27 AM

Nouveau and Plain Ole Beaujolais should be served at the same temperature as white wine, 55 degrees F. Cru Beaujolais should be served halfway between that and the temperature for red, or 60 degrees F. Place in an ice bucket with water for 7.5 minutes.

When we lived in Omaha, Mrs Innkeeper would pick me up at the airport and stop at a place on the way home called the Neon Goose. It was a cinder block building painted black with a pink neon sign with their name and a goose. Great food though. We liked to start with steamed mussels, and follow with a small steak entree. Would wash all this down with a Beaujolais Villages, for which we would demand an ice bucket.

They served the mussels in a pot on top of a wooden stand they put on the table, with broth and butter in separate containers on each side. Between attacking this mussel mountain with gusto, and putting our red wine in an ice bucket, we always attacted a crowd, whom we happily ignored.

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- hotwine - 04-04-2000 10:23 AM

I think Innkeeper has the right idea. I also prefer Beaujolais at about 60 degrees. If served chilled, it pretty well loses its nose and flavor. If you have a cellar, suggest you bring the bottle(s) into the house half an hour to an hour before serving, and let it/them stand and approach room temperature before serving. I usually pull the corks only a few minutes before pouring.

- Dogwalker - 04-05-2000 06:30 AM

You guys are great! I feel like I've fallen into a information pit & I'm the King of questions.
Very quick background, before my heart attack in Sept. I probely had not had more than 5 glasses of wine in my life. Most of them the high grade grape juice they give you at weddings and Irish wakes! In the last 60 days I have discovered a WORLD of wine. I never dreamed there was so much to know. I have got the Wine Specator and Wine & Spirits magazine and have enjoyed them very much. I learned in Wine & spirits that a world class Italian Rest. that is known for its wine selection is located a mile from where I work. I bought the "Oxford Companion for Wine", (son works in Borders - I get great discount)and have spent hours reading all the neat stuff there is.
I feel very honored that so many of you have taken the time to share all the great knowledge you have about wine with the "noisy new kid with all the questions".
If I get too long winded don't be afraid to tell me to shut-up once and awhile.
Thanks, Chuck

- hotwine - 04-05-2000 11:02 AM

Welcome to a wonderful world, Chuck. Don't worry about being a novice; I've been enjoying wines for over 30 years, and still learn something new about them every day.
To build a small, inexpensive stock to keep on hand to support a selection with supper each evening, suggest you look for the following (in addition to just about any Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais that you can find):
Schmitt-Sohne Riesling from the Mosel-Sahr-Ruwer region of Germany. The '98 is out now, and is excellent. Serve chilled (2 hours in the fridge)with chicken or seafood.
Comte Placido Pinot Griggio '98. Again, serve well-chilled with a chicken pasta.
Marques de Caceras Rioja: serve at room temperature (65 degrees) with BBQ.
Rhone Valley: lots of 'em available, such as Parallel 45, Vielle Ferme, etc. Again, serve at room temperature with virtually any beef entree, including BBQ brisket.
Duboeuf Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon: both inexpensive. Serve the Chardonnay chilled with any of the white wine dishes above (chicken, seafood) and the cab at room temperature with beef or pork.
Pick up a bottle of each and give 'em a try. They're not fancy, just good, simple, healthy nourishment in a bottle.

- Innkeeper - 04-05-2000 11:25 AM

Glad you're enjoying things Chuck. Always nice to get a nice word around here. Since you had the big one in September, hope you have someone or two to share those bottles. A max of two glasses a day should be it.

- mrdutton - 04-19-2000 06:45 PM

My local wine dealer just confirmed that I can get the 1998 Jean Descombes Morgon beaujolais for about $15.00 a bottle before case discount. I intend on ordering a case or so........

- hotwine - 04-20-2000 04:57 PM

Excellent! That's a little higher priced than last year, but that's to be expected. I can't get the J.D. Morgon locally yet - the distributor is the problem, according to my retailer, so I'll probably have to get it from Houston or Dallas. Same with the Moulin-A-Vent. But I'm happy for you. Enjoy!