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- wondersofwine - 12-12-2001 11:41 AM

One more entry on Beaujolais before I switch to something else. This was from Domaine du Vissoux, put in bottle by Pierre-Marie Chermette. I didn't record the price but Wine-Searcher has it for $18.49 and Wine Spectator has the 2000 at $22.
Color: purple in center, garnet at edges.
Clear although non-filtered. 13% alcohol.
I learned again how important it is to taste wine with food. Sipping it by itself I rated it a good wine (about 80 points). Nose: plum
Palate: plum, faint chocolate, faint clove, boysenberry. Bit acidic.
Trying it later with Cheshire cheese it seemed less acidic against the fat of the hard cheese and the fruitiness came out more.
I re-rated it as a very good wine, 87-88 points. Palate: plum and raspberry and still that hint of chocolate--sort of like a white cake with plum or raspberry filling between layers and chocolate sauce drizzled over it.
Velvety texture. In my own estimation the wine gained 7 or 8 points just by pairing it with the right food.