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- barnesy - 04-21-2001 11:47 PM

1998 Georges Duboeuf Fleurie Chateau des Deduits

I figured I should drink this since it was a 98 fleurie and probably wouldn't last much more. Boy was I suprised.

A clear, dark ruby colour. Strawberries and pepper on the nose. Supple Cherry and raspberry on the palate that are very reminiscent of Beaujolais. The finish though, that was borrowed from its southern neighbor, cote du rhone. Big, crisp peppery finish. Medium acid, and good tannin. This one could handle a few more years in a cellar.


- mrdutton - 04-29-2001 06:40 PM

I have a few bottles of 98 Crus Beaujolais still resting in my rack. I'm not too worried about having to drink them right away, but they most likely will not make it through the summer........

- Scoop - 04-30-2001 08:46 AM

These guys, especially the 1998s, have staying power!