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- barnesy - 01-22-2001 07:55 PM

1999 Jean-Marc Burgaud Morgon Vieilles Vignes Cote du Py

Dark fruit and floral notes (i think) on the nose, possible cherry and raspberry. Same on the palate. A medium length earthy/spice finish.

Old vine beaujolais are something else. Had a old vines Moulin-a-vent a week back that was even better than this morgon. Got an old vines Regnie to try later.


- barnesy - 05-08-2003 06:39 PM

Revisted my other bottle of this guy. Wow, two years later.

Lush cherry, berries and floral notes on the nose. Same on the palate with a lot more floral notes coming out. Finish was medium with just enough tannin to let you know this was balanced. Great acid. This baby opened up a lot in the two years it was cellared. At its peak now.


- winoweenie - 05-09-2003 07:14 AM

Drinking proof that with good storage all well-made wine will git'sum tasty freckles. WW [img][/img]

- wondersofwine - 05-09-2003 07:38 AM

Barnsey, I had the same experience with a 1999 Cru Beaujolais recently. It seems to be at its peak now--may hold another year or two but probably won't improve further. I have a 2001 Regnie and a 2001 Fleurie that I'm tempted to open now but they might be better if I hold them until 2005.