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- dananne - 08-31-2002 08:12 AM

My wife and I returned home last night after a light dinner with some rented DVDs and popped this rose. Easily the best rose I've had this summer. Blend of shiraz (34%), grenache (28%), pinot (18%), cabernet sauvignon (15%), and riesling (5%). Much darker than typical rose, a brilliant ruby. Great nose, velvety texture -- much thicker and less dilute than a few roses I've tried this summer, good raspberry and strawberry fruit, looong finish with some red spices coming out. A touch of tart sweetness, but not unpleasant and held together well. Excellent juice for $15. Recommend this, unfortunately not the movie -- "High Crimes" [img][/img]

Finished the night off with a bottle of sparkling red from Italy, Brachetto d'Acqui. If there is a sparkler that is more fun to drink, I've yet to find it.

- Drew - 09-01-2002 12:35 AM

James Halliday gave this a very high rating and I've been searching but haven't found 1 in my area yet.


Charles Melton Rose of Virginia 2001
James Halliday The Weekend Australian - Halliday's Top 100
December 2001 Rating: 94 points
"I don't know whether there is anyone out there listening, but do yourself a favor: at least try a bottle at lunch this summer and see whether you agree with my points. Vivid color, vivid aroma and vivid flavor all achieved without sugary sweetness, just cherry and cherry blossom fruit."