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- Innkeeper - 07-11-2001 04:36 AM

1999 Chateau D'Aqueria, Tavel Rose'. For the same price ($11) as a quality American Grenache Rose' such as McDowell Valley Vineyard, you get more with this Tavel. The color is like no other rose' seen lately. A deep, deep rose color, not salmon. Looks like something Gallo or one of those used to put out called "Red Rose'" or something like that. Color is where the similarity ends.

This is a bone dry blend of grenache, syrah, cinsault, and clairette. It has the same structure as a C-D-R, meaning it can handle a variety of dishes beyond what you would have with a White Zin. It meets the nose and tongue tip with floral fresh melony fruit. Holds its own across the palate, and finishes nicely.

Highly recommended for a summertime quaffer, picnic wine, and with light BBQ fare. We matched it with a gillpanned ham steak last night, and it was, you guessed it, wonderful.

- Innkeeper - 04-26-2002 05:18 PM

Had another '99 tonight. Still a big fan. This has to be the best selling Tavel Rose' in America, but still not even close to being popular. It would still, IMHO, be a great summer quaffer. We popped it tonight (at $13 this time) because we made our version of Julia Child's "Poulet Saute Aux Herbs" again, and that is what she recommended with it. It was a great match, and highly recommended.

- Bucko - 04-26-2002 06:03 PM

The Roses from the Tavel region are truly nice. For a warm region, they seem to do well in maintaining acidity. As you state, they make great summer quaffers.

- wdonovan - 02-09-2005 02:51 PM

We are big fans of Chateau D'Aqueria. We're on the last of the '03s now. Got just enough to get through the winter 'til the April or May shipemtn of '04. We were told not to hang onto this stuff and that's fine with us. Nothing goes with shellfish like these Provencal pinks. We first had this type of wine while exploring Provence last May and fell in love (we're usually Bordeaux drinkers). Our favorite there was Domaine Royere but only there reds are available in the USA. We tried the standard Ott ($40) and then bought a case of D'Aqueria. Til the Royere hits the states, that's what we'll drink.

- wondersofwine - 02-09-2005 04:11 PM

I haven't had the Chateau d'Aqueria but like the Paul Jaboulet-Aine L'Espiegel rose' from Tavel. Also like Bruno Clair's Marsannay Rose' which is from Burgundy and made from Pinot Noir grapes. IK, sounds like a great price for the wine.

- Innkeeper - 02-09-2005 08:47 PM

You might notice WOW that that was four years ago!

- wondersofwine - 02-10-2005 03:57 PM

Oh. Wonder what it costs for the current release.

- Innkeeper - 02-10-2005 04:13 PM

Well, it was up to $13 in '02, and can only guess what it is now. Haven't seen it lately.