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- tbnino - 08-16-2000

I'm having a winetasting in October, this year the wine will be "Blush" wines. I would need some suggestions on what kind of appetizers, food, dessert to serve with this, also some good cheeses...thanks

- Innkeeper - 08-16-2000

It is very important to determine whether the wines are sweet (most blushes) or dry. If they are sweet, you need to serve sweet food throughout. You can start with cocktail sausages in sweet & sour sauce with toothpics, move to ham steak with honey mustard glaze, and finish with any sweet dessert. If you do have some dry wines in the mix you could include a variety of mild cheeses, and smoked salmon canapes for starters; and have smoked pork chops or grilled salmon steaks for the main course.