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- browneyedgirl - 01-12-2002 02:05 PM

im kind of a novice to wines , having just become interested about 3 mths ago . have tried the wild vines and arbor mists. but after having tried chardonnays and merlots i am finding these taste like koolaid to me now .white zin seems to be my favorite but also love white lambrusco.have wanted to try some whites and reds for variety. adore asti spumante. pinot grigio and am trying a reisling which i really like . is there a next step for me in ? which one should i try next?have heard about beaujolais, is that a good step for me ? price is kind of an object but not very .

- barnesy - 01-12-2002 02:08 PM

Yep, beaujolais or Cotes du Rhone would be a good progression into red.

Also, German riesling at the Kabinett or Spatlese level will be dynomite.