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- TheEngineer - 10-01-2010 01:38 AM

this was held in the W hotel as noted before in a room much smaller than the old Ritz Taj room. Must be a sign of the times. I tasted though MANY wines, and will list some of them here with about as cryptic a set of notes as I've ever taken. Partially because the wine glasses were not cleaned very well, still strong with a detergent smell, that made nosing the wine difficult, generally making me mistrust was I smelled.

Overall, the 09 vintage appears to be quite nice, both with a good density of fruit and nice acidity. it made the 08's look dull in reference but the 07's still were very nice, especially the Chenin Blancs that I tasted.

2009 Chateau de la Ragotiere Vielles Bignes Black Label. Quite nice for a musacdet, denser in flavor than I would have thought with a nice mineral line through the wine and some hints of sea shell and salinity.

2008 Claude Branger Le Fils de Gras Mouton Muscadet: light fresh and vibrant but simple

2008 Merlin-Cherrier Sancerre, slihgtly buttery, green apples, good acidity and density of flavors, medium bodied.

2006 Merlin-Cherrier Le Chene Marchand Sancerre - more intense and rounder than the 08, definitely more density of flavors, but lacking balance and definition.

2006 Malthais Roblin Sancerre: nose shows leesy elements, riper and richer than the Merlin's

2009 Domaine de La Quilla Muscadet 2009: rather tart, sea cells and good density for a muscadet.

2008 Domaine Alain Assadet Menetou Salon: strawberry and stemmy nose, slightly muted, candied fruit, tea, and much the same on the palate, initially interesting but ultimately a bit one dimensional.

2008 Domaine des Haut de Sanziers Samur (Red): Again a rather reserved nose, red fruit, veggies, some steminess, cigar, cedar wood, tobacco, etc. Good balance but a bit short.

2008 Domaine Philippe Portier Quincy: Nose is soft and floral, nice, on palate, a nice mineral sense, a good long finish and persistence

2008 Domaine des Rochelles L'Ardoise Anjou: 90% Cab Franc and 10% cab Sauvignon. A bit leafy, tobacco, bright, berries, but not all together at the moment.

2008 Domaine Thomas & Fils, La Crete Sancerre: a slihglty creamier texture, slightly oily, tart.

2003 Chateau de Suronde Quart de Charmes: deep golden in colour, nose of coffee, beanspout, botrytis, and the body did not disappoint. On palate, hints of herb, tea, honey, citrus and others. Solid structure

NV Langlois Chateau Brut Cremant de Loire Sparkling: Tea Spics, vibrant still

NV Langlois Brut Cremant de Loire: nice salmon in color, as always, a nice buy for the summer season

Heading out tomorrow so the remainder of this might take a week.

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- wondersofwine - 10-01-2010 01:17 PM

Thanks for the notes. I like Sancerre wines and Cremant de Loire generally.