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- Botafogo - 01-03-1999 09:15 PM

Ok, this is a groovy thing, we've all discussed what a groovy thing it is and complimented the elders for their benifience but more than 90% of the posts here are ABOUT THE BOARD and almost no one has posted anything about wine. Let's bear down here troops 'cause if a newbie happens in and there are NO posts about "Your Favorite Wine Shop", "Wine Country Touring" or even "Burgundy" for God's sake then they are going to assume this is a ghost town and not come back!

I think everyone should post in at least five categories every day for a week just to get some "base" down then we can slolam along and argue (nicely!) with each other like old times.

This is important! Roberto

- Guest - 01-04-1999 10:23 AM

Roberto's right you know. Yesterday I made the comment to my wife what a great board, a couple hundred message and not one mention of wine.

Anyone tasted the 94 Beringer reserve yet?


- IVYCHEF - 01-04-1999 11:20 AM

HEY, COOL!! It automaticaly plugged in my user name, etc.

Anyway, guys, I've posted 4, I'm drinking as fast as I can [img][/img] And since still snowed in, I'll let you know how well this riesling goes with my Fruit Loops.


- EPICURUS - 01-04-1999 02:58 PM

Hey, this place has only been open four days. It's important to get the framework right, although it's true, modifications can be made along the way. Also, people, as you can see from the previous post, are still getting the hang of this particular BBS.

The dearth of TNs is due largely to the low number of members at this early stage (40 maybe). As more people come on board the notes will proliferate.

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