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- tomstevenson - 01-15-1999 02:25 PM

Like everywhere else, there is a strong move to reduce the legal limit of alcohol in the bloodstream in the UK. Currently we're on 80 mg per 100ml and the government's stated policy is reduce this to 50 (blood), which is the same as France, and many neo-prohibitionists see this as a halfway step to zero. When will politicians learn that this hurts the majority of ordinary citizens, who do not drink to excess, but will never deter the drunk drivers who are the real menace? Whatever the limit, those bastards will always ignore it: it's the punishment that has to be stricter. The world would be a much healthier, happier and less dangerous place if the legal level went up to 120ml and drunk drivers got 20 years in a cell where they were deprived of all contact with other human beings, even their warders!

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- Jerry D Mead - 01-16-1999 04:01 AM

We're still mostly at .10 here, but 16 states have already gone to .08 and the federal government is threatening financial blackmail (cut off highway funds) unless all states adopt .08. This is the same tactic that was employed to ensure mandatory 21 drinking age.

I've been warning folks for years that the real goal has nothing to do with .08, that it's really about ultimate "zero tolerance." Maybe what has already happened in Europe will wake them up...but I doubt it.


- winoweenie - 01-17-1999 07:00 AM

Hi Jer .....As you know Az. is fast coming to .08 and the watchers of my safety are moving as quickly as possible to get me completely weaned off demon-wine.Darn near every week-end they have a portion of the city targeted for blocking the streets to find the bad guys.( Remind you of the illegal blockades of a while past there in Reno? ) Whenever my old drinking buddies and we-uns go out on the week-end we have to pony-up for a limo for our peace-of-mind.45 bucks per hour is a whale of a lot cheaper than the lawyers fee involved to stay out of jail. Keep me informed on anything we can do on this end to help loosen all the "help" we`re getting from MADD,SADD,etc. WW

- syrahahaha - 01-20-1999 10:55 PM

Damn the "Neo's".. The only thing I actually approve of is the zero tolerence law with respect to UNDERAGE kids that get into trouble, etc. If they are caught with any alcohol, drugs, etc in their system, they get busted. As for me, I'm thinking of joining DAMM--Drunks Against Mad Mothers. [img][/img]