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- Rocky Balboa - 04-21-1999 09:49 PM

I'm looking for a wine that is made all-naturally (with no additives) if there is such a wine. Could someone tell me where to get it and what the name of it would be?
I live in Ohio and I know NOTHING about wine.

- Thomas - 04-22-1999 10:17 AM

You seem to have placed this request in many locations on the board.

In case you missed my message elsewhere:

Wine is a natural product.

Are you referring to a particular additive?

This subject has been covered before. Perhaps those who operate the board might want to set up a specific information site so that we do not have to repeat ourselves.

- Jerry D Mead - 04-22-1999 10:29 AM

Rocky...Wine by definition is fermented grape juice...period! The only thing that is added us sulfur dioxide in quantities of parts per million which has been common practice for a couple of centuries. It helps prevent oxidation/spoilage, and by the way is a naturally occuring by-product of every food that involves fermentation, including beer, soy sauce, yoghurt and so on.

In the US if anything else is added it will appear on the label with a statement such as "Wine with additional natural flavor" or some such. These flavored wines aren't considered real wine by most serious wine drinkers.


- Thomas - 04-23-1999 07:25 AM

So curm, how about my idea to create a special section with the information you gave Rocky -- elaborated on of course?

That way, we can direct this age-old question to one source on the board and not have to keep answering it.

And, Bucko, why didn't his doctor know that wine is a natural product?

- Rocky Balboa - 04-23-1999 08:01 AM

That's what I'd like to know. He didn't really say he didn't know it wasn't a natural product, he just said "make sure it doesn't have any unnatural additives in it". Since I don't know anything at all about wine, I had to make sure I wasn't going out and buying the first thing I saw without checking it out first. Then in a medical book that suggested drinking wine, it said to get a "kosher" wine. This threw me again. Thanks for the replies! It has really helped & I think I'm ready to go out and try to find some now. Any suggestions to which wines taste the best for a beginner? I don't want to spend a fortune, either.

- n144mann - 04-23-1999 12:25 PM

Hey Curm, did I read somewhere that there is a fight going on about the so called wines with the flavors-added using the designations of Napa and Sonoma etc?? They (those producing the wines....can't remember who it was....once of the big grocery store kinds I think) said they had every right to use them because that is where the grapes came from and they were indeed wine. It was just a small blurb, and have not really seen anything much since then.

As for foodies idea, it does seem to come up alot doesn't it.

- Jerry D Mead - 04-23-1999 06:08 PM

There is more fighting about using the varietal names like Chardonnay to beverages that contain little wine and lots of flavorings.


- Thomas - 04-24-1999 08:13 AM

The flavoring argument kind of reaches back into the appellation argument. What good are labeling laws if there are no industry and government agreed-upon parameters that must be met?

It is sickening to allow anyone to use the wine name Chardonnay to such bastardization. But then, think on the bright side. If Chardonnay, or any varietal name becomes obliterated then the price of the real wines will have to drop for lack of interest and understanding. Right! Tell me I am right! Please!