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- kogilbee - 12-06-1999 04:20 PM

I live in Austin and am having a wedding in March, but don't know what kind of wine to serve. I'm looking for a chardonnay, red and zinfindel under $10 to go with finger foods. Help. . .I'm not a wine connoisseur

- Jerry D Mead - 12-06-1999 05:02 PM

For the red track down Stonehedge or Stone Creek Merlot...both are excellent and in your price range.

Re Zinfandel...I'm guessing you mean the pink stuff labeled White Zinfandel. Is so...Delicato is THE best value...Beringer is also excellent, very popular and well under $10.

Chardonnay...check out Hahn Estate, Canyon Road or Stonehedge.