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- Amber Patenaude - 05-28-2001 03:51 PM

I am looking for a good quality, organically grown vine, preferably from the areas of Argentina, Chile or Australia. I would prefer a Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot, however, any will do.

- Botafogo - 05-28-2001 04:21 PM

I am not aware of too many wines from the countries you mentioned but there are LARGE quantities of organic wines available from Italy, Southern France and Sonoma and Mendocino Counties in California. If you like, I can send you a list of the ones we carry.


- Amber Patenaude - 05-28-2001 04:53 PM

That would be wonderful.

- cpurvis - 05-29-2001 10:35 AM

Amber, as Roberto mentioned, you'll find a wide variety of good to very good quality organic wines from S. France & California. Trust his judgment re: Italian varietals as well.

Two other points: First, in addition to certified organic producers, be aware that there are a number of California wineries that practice "natural farming"...they aren't certified organic, but they avoid introducing unnatural elements into the process unless absolute disaster looms. I believe that Montevina is one of this breed.

Second, don't overlook your own Okanagan, B.C. wines. Those of us in the Northwest US routinely lament the lack of those wines on our store shelves, & several of those producers practice natural/organic methods. Hainle Vineyards & Hillside Estate are two of those. Another, Summerhill Estate, practices organic farming & something like Ouiji board production [img][/img] w/ their "pyramid aging cellars."

cheers, cp

- Jackie - 05-29-2001 01:05 PM

Organic wines from France and Italy are available online at

The proprietors are friends and I'm sure you won't be disappointed. Call the 800-number for more info and mention


- Innkeeper - 05-29-2001 03:53 PM

Saint-Chinian is the mother of shiraz/grenaches from Oz and similar wines around the world. An excellent organic version is '95 Chateau de Combebelle, Comte Cathare, Saint-Chinian. It is or was available from Roberto. It is one of very few French wines he carries. It is also delightful.

Matched nicely with sauteed chicken thighs tonight.

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- Amber Patenaude - 05-30-2001 07:06 PM

Was that a proposal???!?!