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- RobS - 02-28-2001 11:32 AM

I work in a liquor store and we carry Ruffino Chianti Gold Label, normally we get '95 or '96 in stock. However, we recently received two cases of '93. Now I've been told that it is not sold anymore, so I was just wondering if I should buy it and hold on to it, buy it and sell it, or just not bother. We sell it in my store for $29.99 a bottle.

- newsguy - 02-28-2001 06:00 PM

hi rob, and welcome to the board.

i'm sure someone after me with more expertise will post about the specifics of the 1993 ruffino gold label. in general terms, though, 1993 was not considered as good a vintage as '95 or '96. 1993 was rated an 84 ("Fresh, clean and perfumed; firm tannins, crisp acidity") by the wine spectator, which rated 1995 at 88, and 1996 at 87. this 1993 wine probably is about at it's peak. go ahead and buy a few bottles for yourself and drink them within the next year, if you like chianti. i wouldn't see this wine as an investment for resale either now or at a later date.