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- John Moore - 10-07-2008 11:56 AM

A few weeks ago I received a newsletter from Phelan Vineyards in Napa since I am on their mailing list. They indicated that due to a moving sale they were offering a 40% off sale on everything they had in stock including their just released 2005' Cab Sauv which sells for $75 on the website.

They also have a 6-pack vertical (2000'-2005'), in a wooden collectors case, that normally is $450 which with the 40% discount you can get for $270 ($45 per bottle). I think it's an incredible deal on this wine. as far as I know ALL they make is 1 single Napa Cab. Sauv. every year.

You folks on here might know better than me how good of a deal this is but I am in for one of the 6-er of the vertical.

I just got off the phone with Arlene at Phelan and she related to me that the sale was over in the last week of September but she will extend it for me for a little while (a week or so) so if you guys want any of this just tell them you heard about the 40% off deal from a friend of yours that's on their mailing list.

At least tell me what you think of the deal.