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- hotwine - 08-28-2001 06:35 AM

Had to go to Sam's yesterday for some staples; made a quick pass by the wine racks and saw nothing remarkable. Rounded a corner, and stopped cold. There, on an island display, was our favorite easy-sippin' Pinot Noir, a VdP d'Oc from Maison Nicolas at $4.99. And right beside it was their VdP Chardonnay, same price. Already have a couple of cases of the PN, so I grabbed a bottle of the sissy white, and a few other strays. When I got home, I told Debra that she had a new Chardonnay to try (she loves 'em), and so we wound up pullin' the cork last night after dinner as a sipper. No rest from its trip home, no settling time in the Eurocave, just yank it and pour. And it was v-e-r-r-r-y nice! The color of pale straw, a subdued whiff of alcohol on the nose (12.5%), and an unpretentious taste of the fruit and soil. The label says its a blend of the grapes from three different vineyards. That could mean it's a mish-mash of leftovers from the harvest; no matter, it came out very nicely. I've been instructed to retrieve at least a case, if I can find room for it.
Domaine de Virginie, Beziers, France.