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- Noel Cruz - 11-27-1999 01:35 AM

I am still new at this - We love reds but we don't know enough about wines and don't have time or $ to try them all. Any suggestions for a good wine for under $10. Reds preferred. Also, how do we tell if a wine will be good in time. And how long should you wait. I suppose it would depend upon the wine. A little help would be greatly appreciated. It may keep our stupid monster out of our hair.

Julie Cruz

- Jerry D Mead - 11-27-1999 03:34 PM

Try Forest Glen or Canyon Road Merlot (both for less than $10....Stevenot Zinfandel, Bogle Petite Sirah...Rio De Plata Malbec.

- Innkeeper - 11-27-1999 08:05 PM

All of WC's advice is top drawer. Almost anything between $5 and $10 is fine, be it from Australia, Chile, France, Italy, or the good ole USofA. One under $5 worth trying is Blossom Hill Cabernet. Regarding when to drink it, most of the wines in this category are drinkable on receipt, except for one small thing. Wines become "disturbed" when they travel; especially red ones. If you have wine "shipped in" let it set for ten days. If you smuggle it in from another state let is set for a week. If you just bring it home from the store; a day or two. If you spend $15 or more for a bottle, you have to wonder about when to drink it. The best bet is to do a little research. You can usually find out quite easily which wines are immedidately approachable and which ones need to lay down for awhile.

- Catch 22 - 11-28-1999 06:53 AM

I will throw in my $.02 worth with a vote for Banrock Station, an Aussie Shiraz/Cab blend. Not a classic, but a great value @ $7.00.

- Scoop - 11-28-1999 02:20 PM

And the Rancho Zabaco 1997 Sonoma Heritage Zinfandel @ $9.00, an intense yet refined mouthful better than many that are twice the price!



- Thomas - 11-29-1999 10:03 AM

I discovered Black Mountain Zinfandel in a New Jersey branch of Trader Joe's. Under $7 and quite a value wine.