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- Thomas - 12-14-1999 10:01 AM

In my continuing quest to find wines that I can drink everyday for less or as much as a freelance writer's hourly wage, I seem to come across lots of good Portuguese wines. I am sure this situation will abate, as soon as Portuguese wines become widely accepted, but until then I share this latest find on the board. But let's keep this among us; we don't want to speed up the price increases.

J.P. Tinto, Vinho Regional Ferras do Sado: fruity and spicy and plain delightful; made from the Periquita red grape; at $5/bottle,a true steal deal; but it still tops the freelance writer's hourly wage....

- Jerry D Mead - 12-15-1999 03:06 AM


Definition of a freelance writer:
A guy with a typewriter and a working wife!

(Been there...done that.)

- Thomas - 12-15-1999 09:59 AM

Typewriter? Huh?

- Jerry D Mead - 12-15-1999 05:09 PM

I told you it was an OLD one-liner...guess I should have said ancient.

Grandpa Curmy

- winoweenie - 12-31-1999 10:36 AM

Sounds to me more like the wage of a successful carpet peddler. Winoweenie