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- wineguruchgo - 12-12-2007 02:17 AM

Since wine and taste in wine is so personal I was waiting and wondering if anyone was going to post on this wine.

I got it at a 5 cent sale. Buy one bottle at regular price get the other for 5 cents. Since the 2 bottles averaged $5.00 per bottle I thought I would give it a try. As with all my "little" reds, if they are tart, unbalanced or over-extracted I just give them to my! He doesn't mind or complain. Enough of the rant.

I didn't expect much from my little $5.00 bottle and was really pleasantly surprised. I expected over extraction...didn't get it. I expected under-ripe fruit...didn't get it. I expected an above average alcohol level to hide the flaws...didn't get it.

What I got was a great little quaffer. Now, for $5.00 it's not going to curl your toes or stand up to a Ribeye steak, but at 13.5% alcohol its a really easy bottle of wine to drink without food. It would be a perfect party wine because it's decent, easy to drink and has a fun label.

It has nice, subtle spice and the deep berry fruit was obviously ripe, the tannin level low and the alcohol level is in check.

I went back to the store and got 2 cases at $4.99 per bottle.

I'm not one for little quaffers, but this one is excellent! (for the price - hehe!)

- TheEngineer - 12-12-2007 03:14 AM

That's a great find for the price of a Latte [img][/img]

- wondersofwine - 12-12-2007 09:18 PM

Was this labeled California, Washington, Australia?

- wineguruchgo - 12-12-2007 10:16 PM

North Coast.