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- Kcwhippet - 02-17-1999 12:55 PM

Opened this one Monday evening and sipped about a third of the bottle. It was nice - a lot of forward fruit, good finish; all in all a really nice wine. Went back to it last night, and what a change. The fruit was still there, but what came after was incredible! It had opened up with rich, warm, smooth chocolate - and it stayed on the finish, which went on forever. I'm going out after work today to pick up another case. Oh, and the price isn't too bad, either - $5.59. Gotta be the best QPR I've seen in ages.

- lushia - 09-10-1999 08:36 PM

Isn't that a beautiful wine for the price. Out here in New York it retails for about $8, but its still a bargain. So much flavor at such a low price.


Give up on California Cab. The future lies in Rhone varietals. California provides the perfect growing area for such grapes. Especially Santa Barbara. Need proof? Try a 1996 cab vs a Shiraz of the same vintage. For the money, shiraz will win every time. Look for Mondavi's IO, I believe this wine will open some eyes about which varietals grow best in Cal.

Cline has already proven that a reasonably priced rhone blend with exceptional character can be made readily available.

Also, expect their Vin Gris to turn a lot of heads in the rose market.