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- GLentz - 03-19-1999 06:50 PM

Anybody know good wineries for me and my family to go in month of June??

- Bucko - 03-19-1999 10:18 PM

Many, but you will have to narrow your request a bit, e.g. S. Rhone, N. Rhone, Provence, Languedoc, Bandol.......


- GLentz - 03-20-1999 08:50 AM

Hi Bucko..

thanks and I am not sure which town we will drive thru from Paris south..Bordeaux and Champagne?? Looks like you have been there before, and if so, could you recommend such a drive south from paris to coast of France?? I am sure there are some good wineries on that drive? Again, appreciate your help very much!!!

- Bucko - 03-20-1999 11:08 AM

You need to get a map of France, quick! Champagne is East, Bordeaux is SSW.