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- Bucko - 03-20-1999 11:48 AM

I was fortunate to recently attend "A Week with the Winemakers," celebrating the opening of Charlie Palmer's Aureole Restaurant, in the new Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. One of the events was a selected vertical tasting of Chave Hermitage, lead by J.L. Chave.

1996 - Dark ruby, youthful spice/white pepper nose, tart red fruits, peppery spice, high acidity, long aftertaste.

1995 (magnum) - Dark ruby, rich red fruit and white pepper nose, extremely well-balanced, rich red fruits, peppery spice, soft/moderate tannins. Needs a few years.

1991 - Medium ruby, more earthiness and bacon on the nose, well-balanced, dark fruits, lots of earthy flavors/forest flooor, bacon, and a hint of vanilla. Lovely! Second favorite.

1990 - Dark ruby, bacon fat and tea on the nose, red fruits, bacon and tea flavors, balanced, soft tannins.

1989 (magnum) - Medium ruby, mushrooms, bacon and black cherry nose that also carried over to the palate, with soft tannins.

1988 (magnum) - Medium to dark ruby, black cherry and earthy nose. On the palate the wine was loaded with lovely dark fruits, leather, bacon, mushrooms, ? hint of brett, balanced, with moderate tannins. Super wine - my favorite.

1985 - Brick, aged leather/spice nose, well-balanced, soft to moderate tannins, tart red fruit, with a hint of bacon on the finish.

1983 - Brick, hint of saddlesoap and white pepper aromas, rich red fruit is still hanging on with earthy flavors, but finishes with heavy, drying tannins.

1978 - Brick, with forest floor aromas. The delicate pomegranate fruit is still holding, but I would drink up.

A wonderful afternoon!