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- Innkeeper - 02-08-2001 09:04 AM

There is a sense of ownership among Central Coast AVAs. The Santas (Barbara, Marie, & Ynez) own syrah and share pinot with Monterey. Paso Robles is Zinfandelville. However, zin is not the only grape you'll find in Paso. This syrah is an outstanding example.

1998 Tobin James, Sky High, Paso Robles, Syrah ($16). Because it was a '98 opened it a half hour before dinner and decanted it in case it needed a little opening. By the time the lamb rib chops where grillpanned, and the salad tossed, the aroma of the wine filled the room. Mrs IK came down for dinner and exclaimed, "wow!" Have never had that happen before. The aroma, a lusty melange of red fruits, translated into the upfront taste. A surprising complexity (for it's age) and already smooth tannin in the middle, and a long finish bringing you full circle to the aroma still in the room. The wine was definitely ready to drink, but would probable improve over the next year or two.

You can reach the folks at Tobin James at 805-239-2204 or fax 805-239-4471.

- Innkeeper - 05-12-2001 05:48 PM

Another bottle tonight, and it's even better now. Has to be one the best values and one of the best syrahs from anywhere. At three years is comparable to a St Joseph at six. On the other hand, hope this dosen't inspire any of you to buy them out. Had it with an interesting lamb cut. Our butcher recently sliced a shank end of a leg of lamb into steaks. At the end he filleted the meat off the shank. It ended up as about a one pound piece. Cut all the fat and fell off it, massaged olive oil into it, seasoned with salt, pepper, and granulated garlic. Grillpanned it with more OO, and served with veggies, and the syrah. Wonderful.

- Innkeeper - 07-11-2001 05:13 PM

Sorry to be a one man band, but had it again tonight with broiled (it was rainy) filet mignon with bacon rasher, rubbed with OO and Morton rub, and served with a nice salad. The syrah keeps getting better and better, and we have more.

- mrdutton - 07-11-2001 06:40 PM

Not quite a one man band. IK - the Tobin James Syrah is well worth the drink!

I just wish I'd ordered more!

- Innkeeper - 09-16-2001 05:51 AM

The bad news is that there are no more '98s except in private cellars. The good news is that the '99s are even better!!! While the '98 was appropriately named "Sky High", James has christened the '99 with the moniker "Rock-N-Roll." Very appropriate. Ready to drink now, and will cellar for three or four years, or longer, but the super ripe fruit should not be missed. This wine is quite different from most Shiraz' from Oz we've tried, or anything from the Rhone.

Central Coast Syrah is coming on strong as a force to be reckoned with. Definitely New World, but unlike those from Oz. The thing all syrah/shiraz' have in common is their affinity for lamb. We matched Rock-N-Roll up with grilled shoulder chops with lemon-mint-OO marinade.

Take a small (one cup) blender jar. Pack it full of mint leaves. Add 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice with a teaspoon of lemon zest, 1/3 cup of OO, and half teaspoon of seasoned salt. Blend all together into a green mayonnaise. Pour over chops and marinate for an hour or two. Grill for fifteen minutes, turning once.

Happines is having a case of Rock-N-Roll in the cellar.

- Innkeeper - 10-17-2001 07:44 PM

If Dutton can have a personal thread or two, so can moi. Popped another '99er last night to go with a leg of lamb dinner for a pretty visiting cuz. Let it linger for an hour decanted before dinner, and the whole dining area was filled with that wonderful aroma again. The juice was good too.

- winoweenie - 10-18-2001 06:18 AM

Bucko I told you it'd come to this. MisserD, Drew, and IK start talkin' to their very-own-selfs. Pity. WW

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- travelin - 10-18-2001 10:43 PM

Long as they keep talkin' sense like this I'll eavesdrop [img][/img]


- Innkeeper - 12-15-2001 08:47 AM

In Bangor we have a restaurant called Bahaar Pakistani Restaurant. It has always been a nice place to go. Since 9/11, we and many others have felt it is almost our duty to go there whenever possible. Why? Because some local lardheads have given the proprietors a lot of crap simply because of where they are from.

They don't have a liquor license, or have a special one. You can bring your own wine, with no corkage! So, last night we showed up with our Picnic-Time Tote loaded with a '99 Rock-n-Roll. We had different lamb dishes, both loaded with spice. The TJ Syrah married wonderfully with all of it. Incidentally, the restaurant was packed.

We went on up to the Maine Center of the Arts at Orono for the Canadian Brass' Holiday Concert. Absolutely fantastic evening from beginning to end. Even the drive home in a light snow wasn't all that bad. Maine is a wonderful place.

- Innkeeper - 01-04-2002 09:04 PM

OK, I'll keep goin. Another tonight with lamburgers. Wonderful. Sorry about you guys that are missing it.

- Innkeeper - 06-14-2002 09:33 AM

Had to present a scholarship at a local high school starting at 6 PM last night, and you know how long those things can go, so that meant a very early dinner. Grabbed some "reduced to move" lamb loin chops, gillpanned them and served with sweet potato and salad. Didn't want to think too hard about what wine to select, so I just snatched, you guessed it, a bottle of '99 Rock-N-Roll. It is drinking better than ever. Last I heard there was still more left in Paso Robles. Regardless, there are still five or six left in the cellar.

- Innkeeper - 08-29-2002 07:16 AM

The '99 again last night with roast leg of lamb and eggplant salad made from fresh farmers's market veggies. Burp.

- Innkeeper - 12-23-2002 03:09 PM

Well there I was in the supermarket yesterday getting the last of the odds & ends needed for Christmas. I was contemplating the steady fare of ham, chicken, and turkey one consumes at parties and leftovers from parties this time of year. Then, before my eyes, appeared two packages of great looking lamb loin chops. The next thing I thought of, of course, was the few remaining bottles of '99 in the basement. Well they all went wonderfully together, thank you. Just a couple of bottles left. Understand the '00 has been released, and they kept the Rock-N-Roll name. The TJ folks seem to be getting away from renaming their wines every year. Love the name as well as the quality of this one.

- Innkeeper - 05-01-2003 09:06 AM

Mother had one of those days yesterday. Didn't want anymore pork or beef, and didn't feel like chicken. Asking her for suggestions she finally said she could eat lamb every day if possible. So off to store for loin lamb chops and down to the celler for Rock-N-Roll. Understrand that the 2000 is out. Will have to put in on our agenda if we are going to eat all that lamb.

- Innkeeper - 07-20-2003 06:50 AM

Popped the last '99 Rock-N-Roll last night. Made we wish we had more. It had become even more jammy and complex. Matched with the best loin lamb chop I've ever seen. Found them in the Belfast Farmer's Market on Friday morning. Four of them weighed 1.72 pounds. They were so thick that I had to broil them ten minutes on each side, and still left them pink inside. A new bottle of our favorite OO to dip a nice baguette into, and a salad of garden fresh greens topped it all off.

Would get on the horn and order some of '00 TJ syrah, but we have the whole case of syrah the Roberto bottom fed, and three or four Terre Rouge Syrah (2002) from our last order from them.

- Innkeeper - 12-31-2003 09:22 AM

One '00 Rock-n-Roll came in the fall shipment. We popped it last night with broiled lamb loin chops and salad. Finished it in front of the Christmas Tree with some wonderful Italian hazelnut nut stuffed cookies. The James Gang maintains unbelievable consistacy with this baby. It was lovely and will soon have an opportunity to get more.

- wondersofwine - 12-31-2003 09:35 AM

IK, has the price gone up much or is it still under $20?

- Innkeeper - 12-31-2003 10:37 AM

Still $18. Sorry, should have included it.

- winoweenie - 12-31-2003 11:23 AM

Agree thoroughly on the R&R. For that matter, the whole James lineup! Sensible, nice people who make a profit and offer trmendous P/Q. WW [img][/img]

- Kcwhippet - 12-31-2003 12:38 PM

I just looked for this in the cellar, but it's gone. Can't find a note on when we drank it, but it must have been good or I would definitely have noted that.