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- barnesy - 02-09-2001 01:45 AM

1998 Ferraton Pere and Fils Cote du Rone "Samorens"

First night the wine seemed "soggy" and closed. Tonight, its opened up quite a bit and has good fruit on the nose and mint, I think. Also seems to have mint on the palate. Not sure if the mint thing is right, any of you found mint in a CDR? Pepper is very soft.


- Innkeeper - 02-09-2001 06:37 PM

Minty is not a strange taste in a C-D-R.

- barnesy - 02-09-2001 10:16 PM


I have had several CDR lately and this the first with mint. Just wanted to be sure I wasn't smokin' something.


- winoweenie - 02-09-2001 10:35 PM

Barns-poopie, You`se goota` watch what weeds fall into your tobacci-pouch up `dere in the wild-west. WW