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- Jerry D Mead - 01-06-1999 05:09 PM

Caves des Papes 1996 "Heritage" Cotes Du Rhone ($10) This is the third bargain wine I've reviewed from the same marketing company in recent weeks. These guys must share my palate for value. Really pleasant earthy, berry fruit with a very appealing spicy background...nutmeg and black pepper. It's a delicious quaff and would be great with blackened anything, barbecue, rabbit, duck, game birds or semi-soft cheeses like Brie, Epoisse, or Camembert. Rating: 87/92
Wines are scored using a unique 100 point system. First number rates quality; second number rates value.

PS If I were reviewing this again, both scores would probably go up a notch or two. My favorite watering hole put it out by the glass and every time I have it seems better.

It's imported by Cannon Wines in San Francisco...I can get the number for anyone who needs it. JDM

- misterjive - 01-29-1999 02:52 AM

A great Cotes du Rhone buy is 1996 Domaine "La Garrigue", about $6 here in the sunshine state. Pencil lead, pepper, leather; fantastic.