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- winecollector - 06-30-2000 10:30 AM

I couldn't find the original posting (Bucko struck again?), but there was a posting where someone wanted to know what wine went with a chocolate dessert. Though I recommended a sweet wine, a white Zin, many of you guys brought out the Rhones. Always trying to be open minded, I thought I'd give the Rhones a shot.

I opened up two different wines from Paul Jaboulet- a 1995 Crozes Hermitage, and a 1997 Parallel "45". The wines were opened with a frozen Hershey's chocolate mousse cake, that I have served several times before during wine tastings. Though the wines were enjoyable by themselves, I really was not impressed with how they matched up with the dessert. I look for a wine & food matchup to make each taste better. If that doesn't happen, or you can enjoy them better without being matched-up, then why bother?

Well, like I said, I tried. In my opinion the Rhones did not do the dessert the justice that a sweeter wine would have. Maybe it's just me, but I think the sissy wines won this one!

- Scoop - 06-30-2000 12:26 PM

If you want to stay in the Rhone/South of France -- and also go sweet - You should try a Banyuls next time, or perhaps the old standby, Jaboulet's Muscat Beaumes du Venise.



- Thomas - 06-30-2000 01:12 PM

If it is any consolation, winecollector, I never subscribed to the Rhone red with chocolate theory--all that black pepper on my chocolate is worse than the waiter with his large pepper grinder hovering over my delightful salad.

Having said that, I have had some good pairings of Cabernet and Zinfandel (the raspberry kind) with chocolate. Chocolate is tannic, which is why it can have an affinity with some red wine, but the balance is quite a sensitive matter.

In my view, the sweeter the dessert, the less wine pairs with it, unless the sweet wine offers some counterbalance as in the nuttiness and acidity of some Madeira.

The whole thing is a matter of trial and error and of course, personal preference--even if the Rhone guys are wrong!

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- Bucko - 06-30-2000 01:13 PM

Don't try to put the blame on Bucko -- I recommend Port or Banyuls. Harrump! That sounds like Foodie advice to me. }:>


- winoweenie - 06-30-2000 06:53 PM

WOW! Bucko`s back. Glad you cretins dint` agrravate his tender physce to the pert he left us form-emberly. I thoroughly agree that Port, Sauternes, Late-Harvests` and Maderias be the wines for you dessert freakies.I`ll trade my sweets for your glass regardless.......Unless it`s A SW Winoweenie

- Thomas - 07-01-2000 10:50 AM

Not me, Bucko. I believe it was our own Rhone-nut: Innkeeper. Fess up, y'heah!

- winecollector - 07-01-2000 06:02 PM

What do you think- should I send Innkeeper the bill for my two wines and chocolate mousse? I should probably add on a little extra too, for pain and suffering of course....

- winoweenie - 07-01-2000 06:39 PM

Pain and suffering? WC, you`re tryin` to take advantage of IK. ~Haint no way you can plead pain and suffering drinking a Jaboulet & Parrallel. You could be eating Rabbit & Possum Cassoulet " Shawnee " and still have a heck of a time. Glad you`re always thinking , anyhows. Nop wonder our insurance premies are baloonin`. Winoweenie

- Bucko - 07-01-2000 07:13 PM

Yep, it may have been Innkeeper -- you know what an agitator he is. [img][/img] He's the ONLY guy that I know who drinks white wine with squirrel stew....... oh the shame of it all. }:>


- Innkeeper - 07-02-2000 02:39 PM

A. You guys shouldn't rag on someone who is luxuriating in a fabulous inn in the White Mountains.

B. When Randy gets back, it's going to take half an hour to download his response.

C. Wincollector it was chocolate cake NOT chocolate frozen chocolate mousse (yecht!) that goes with Red Rhones with tons of upfront fruit.

D. Bucko, I WAS going to send you a bottle of Chardonel.

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- Bucko - 07-02-2000 03:29 PM

!@#$%^&*! Stuck my foot in my mouth, AGAIN......


- hotwine - 07-02-2000 04:03 PM

Give 'em hell, Innkeeper!
Anybody who would drink wine with a Hershey bar, and then complain about it, would probably also water good Scotch.

- winecollector - 07-03-2000 05:51 AM

I like your strategy Innkeeper! Offer a bottle of wine to anyone that don't agree with you! Only problem, with over 2000 members on here, that's an awful lot wine your going to be giving away....

While your at it ol' boy, how about sending over a bottle of 96' Lafite for that pain & suffering?

- Thomas - 07-03-2000 06:05 AM

Innkeeper, I cannot think of a better wine than Chardonel to send to Bucko, especially since he gave you the rag. Actually, it would be even better to send it to Winoweenie--that'll keep him quiet for a while.

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- winecollector - 07-03-2000 07:51 AM

While your at it, send Winoweenie a box of Franzia too, and keep you hands off my Hershey bars! They go great with stout or black & tan!

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- winoweenie - 07-03-2000 08:54 AM

Who said all nice people are long gone? I have this marvelous fuzzy feelin` all over seiing the wonderful things you`re conymplating sending to lil` ole` Moi.WineC...A WHOLE box of Franzia! Won`t that cut your Collection in Half? IK, Since you`re so close to Phoenix ( You are talking about our White Mtns.) drop in and we`ll split that Marvelous Chardonel that Foodie`s passing around. Also, W.C. as long as we`re asking, why not an 82 Lafite so it`ll be drinkable? Meeny Tanks Guys, I Gots to go buy a new box Of Kleenix. Winoweenie

- Randy Caparoso - 07-08-2000 04:52 PM

Well, I'm back (for a week), Innkeeper, and there's nothing I can say (believe it or not!) that hasn't already been said). Banyuls for chocolate, of course, is as good as it gets for 'lil ol' me! Well, an olive skinned, black-eyed Mediterranean beauty (name your sex) to go with it wouldn't be so bad. Why should life (and wine) be anymore complicated than that?

- tcarlsen - 07-28-2000 07:29 PM

Of course... a slightly sweet German Riesling would be divine.

- jock - 08-01-2000 08:38 PM

Realize I'm late to the party but winoweenie just told me about this board. Nothing goes with a sweet chocolate dessert but there is one grape uniquely suited to dark chocolate desserts that aren't too sweet.
Grenache! Ch du Pape that is grenache based is the best match I have found; even better that Banyuls.
Discovered this in Paris with Tim Johnston (Juveniles Wine Bar). He served a Vieux Telegraphe with a decadant chocolate concoction from one of Paris' great patisieres. The combo worked better that any I can recall.

- winoweenie - 08-02-2000 10:05 AM

Jock, ole` cock, Welcome to the board. Looking forward to your many words of wisdom in the future. For all of you`se guys info, Jock has a terrific palate even tho he is now drinkin` some SW now and then. Winoweenie