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- Enophile - 01-07-1999 08:41 PM

Grilled some lamb last night, so you know what we drank, Bandol. The 1988 Tempier Bandol, Cuvee Speciale to be precise. Gorgeous nose of sweet blackberry and light raspberry fruit, lots of smoke, spice, earthy, leafy, and light /barnyard aromas, but not as wild as some Tempiers I've had. Lovely aged Bandol in the mouth, with sweet blackberry and raspberry fruit flavors, smoke, spice, black pepper, and light earthy/barnyard flavors. A wine that really seems to be drinking at peak now, sweet, seamless and smooth. Excellent stuff! Approx...92-93.

- Bucko - 01-07-1999 10:24 PM

I have some 94s and 95s - I see that there is no rush to drink them. A very nice wine without the sticker shock.


- Enophile - 01-11-1999 09:28 PM

Nope, no rush at all, Bucko. Except for the next time we visit, then you have to open a '93.