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- thewoodman - 08-11-2000 10:26 PM

I want to hold a tasting of grenache based wines from around the world. I have the french and aussie entries covered, but I'm having trouble figuring out some of the CA rhone blends. What CA rhone blends would you recommend that have a significant grenache percentage? Any spanish grenaches that are readily available that you'd recommend. Thanks for the help.

- chittychattykathy - 08-12-2000 02:05 AM

Joseph Phelps Pastiche Red from California is a Rhone blend. I believe that McDowell does a Rhone blend, not sure what the % of grenache is, I know they do a Grenache Rose' (that's refreshing on a hot day). Sounds like a great tasting, enjoy!

- Innkeeper - 08-12-2000 06:08 AM

Two of our favorites are Preston Vineyards, "Faux", Dry Creek Valley; and Marietta Cellars, Old Vine Red, California. If you're doing pink, don't forget Kathy's recommendation, McDowell Valley Vinyards, Grenache Rose', Mendocino.

- Innkeeper - 08-12-2000 06:10 PM

OK, Kathy is right on the second count. McDowell currently has on the market their 1990 Le Tresor. This is a C-d-P type wine that has Grenache as the second ingredient. It runs $18.00 per bottle.

- thewoodman - 08-12-2000 09:15 PM

Thanks for the input. I picked up a bottle of the Faux on the recommendation of my shopkeeper today. I'll track down the McDowell. I enjoyed their Syrah.

I tested the Yalumba Bush Vine Grenache, well worth the 12.99 I paid. I also have another Aussie, a couple of CdP's and a Vacqueyras for this tasting.

- jock - 08-12-2000 11:51 PM

T-Vine makes a terrific grenache. The 1997 is good and the 1996 is even better if you can still find it. It is the best I have had from CA.