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- IVYCHEF - 01-08-1999 12:57 AM

This is the '96 version. Dark ruby\crimson in glass. Could see it staining the glass - think you could paint walls with this. Big nose of plum, blackberry, leather and a bit of black licorice. The fruit flavors of plums and blackberries are overtaken by leather, spice and oak. This gives way to some alcohol and very drying tannins. This was too young to drink and almost too intense to really enjoy in its present state, imho., but seems to be a well made wine. Anyone else have this one? Would it be worth plunking down $15 per to set a few aside?


- Jim Grow - 01-31-1999 09:02 AM

Kevin, I recently tried a 1991 Foppiano P.S. and was amazed by its concentration and youthfullness. On discount for $10.00, quite a deal. I will look for other years.

- Jason - 01-31-1999 12:10 PM

Foppiano sold some of its land (I think) to Deloach a few years ago. Hence, they make a good PS now to.