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- Woodman - 01-08-1999 08:57 AM

Years ago, this winery made excellent PS. I believe the brand is now owned by the Wente family. Ahh, the days when you could buy Wente "Pinot Chardonnay".....but I digress again.

Anyone had the '96 version of this? The local Trader Joe's has it floor-stacked, and I forgot to pick up a bottle to try. I'll go back anyway, but it's kind of a schlep to get there.

- Jerry D Mead - 01-08-1999 12:51 PM

I haven't had the '96, but Concannon has a new winemaker (formerly at Navarro) who has really upgraded all the reds in recent years. Both the estate and the Central Coast (or California, I can't remember which) have been quite good and winning medals.